Tacoma, WA Rucksgiving 2017 Recap

We met at the Wright Park Arboretum and began our journey through the urban jungle. Our first obstacle was getting past some delicious smelling bakeries, then onto the Pantages theater, several small city parks, a cool fountain that one of the ruckers climbed, made our way on the outskirts of the UW campus where we got to see the Tacoma Art Museum, Union Station and many Small-businesses!

Brian from the Tacoma Rescue Mission met us at the mission where he was extremely grateful and was happy to join us for a quick photo before me cut our route back to the park (since our littlest of legs was a bit tired). All in all, we rucked about 5.5 miles round trip and had a great time getting to know these amazing people willing to take a couple hours out of their day with me! Looking forward to doing it again next year. Got some cool ideas already stirring…

Portland Rucksgiving 2017

BEASTS Obstacle Course Racers (OCR) is a community of individuals from all walks of life and all fitness levels who have come together to share their passion for the sport of OCR.

This Thanksgiving, Beasts and other like minded people will come together to take part in their 2nd Annual Rucksgiving in downtown Portland, Oregon.

What is Rucksgiving?

Rucking is hiking with a weighted backpack for long distances, often used for training in the military.

For Rucksgiving, a group will load up with food and hygiene supplies and march through downtown Portland, traveling to a local homeless shelter to hand out the supplies.