What is Rucksgiving?

There are different times that Rucksgiving can happen. It could be the morning of Thanksgiving, the weekend after or any time around Thanksgiving. In all instances, participants will hike 3+ miles with a weighted backpack. Usually the end of the hike is at a charity of some sort with the bulk of the weight carried donated to the charity.

In 2014, the first annual Beasts OCR Rucksgiving took place in Tacoma, WA with donations given to the Tacoma Rescue Mission.


Supplies for the 2015 Rucksgiving
Supplies for the 2015 Portland Rucksgiving

In 2015 I participated in my first Rucksgiving as a way to give back to the community with fellow BEASTS OCR Members and members from FEAR Platoon. It was my first ruck and since then I have enjoyed many rucks throughout the Portland, OR area as well as in a few endurance events.

2016 was a dark time for Rucksgiving in Portland, OR. There were many protests and riot like activity in the Portland Downtown area due to the election, so we thought it was best to cancel the Portland area rucksgiving. It was a hard choice, but safety of everyone involved is very important to us.

2017, I wanted to do more. I lead the charge for the Portland OR Rucksgiving event and registered the rucksgiving.org domain. My goal is to have Rucksgiving.Org serve as a hub for all Rucksgiving events. 2017 will start small, but I hope by the time 2018 Rucksgiving planning starts, there will be more events from around the globe listed on these pages.


‘Rucksgiving’ comes to Portland Rescue Mission, adds creative spin on giving

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